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    Popups are not displaying in ie and safari


      Hi everyone,


      I have an FTP application(exported from fb 4) running within a website I'm currently developing. It's a client login area. They login, are then

      presented with folders in an ftp client box with folders relevent to their login shown. All aspects are working great in firefox. Client can

      download/upload files, rename folders, create/delete folders etc. However, in safari and ie, when I click on a file to download, the upload/download

      popup which is supposed to appear, doesn't, and I am stuck in limbo. Normally when I download a file, this popup (alert box) appears, telling me

      how much percentage is remaining. Upon completion of the download, the popup closes, and I am free to download more files if I wish. The same

      goes with my other popups - create/delete folder, rename folder, etc. The only popup that is working is the first one, which in this case is the login

      popup. Has anyone here experienced similar issues?