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    problem with masks and layers



      i have run in to a what i think to be a fundamental problem with my understanding of masks and layers

      what i am trying to do is:-

      make a smokey cloud surround a figure in a film clip

      my work flow has been :-

      1/ i made a solid layer bigger than my comp size applied noise then used position to move the layer across my comp i then made another layer the same but moving in different direction

      2/ imported my film clip and placed it on the time line above my solid layers

      3/ i then shrink the solid layers in time so they only exist where i want the effect to happen in relation to the film clip 

      4/ i then made an inverted mask on the film clip layer around the figure , at this point everthing is fine i have a cloud of moving smoke around my figure when i look at project monitor


      the problem is now when i export from AF


      instead of my export having a cloud of smoke arround my figure when the time line gets to the solid layers  the whole screen fills with smoke  instead of showing just where the mask is.


      i do not understand why my export does not look the same as what i see in the project monitior before export  



        the first time i tryed this effect i placed the film clip below the solid layers and made the mask on the solid layers using opacity to show the film clip below this works when i export  the trouble is the mask moved across the screen as the layer moved  and also i had to make 2 masks one in each solid



      the other thing i am doing that might be wrong is ,,, when i make the mask in my film clip layer the mask goes outside the comp,, would that be causing the problem ?