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    set a "mobile" scroll behaviour to a scrollable List on a desktop app

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      We're looking for some help on a Flex 4.5 AIR app deployed on a touch desktop environment.


      We're developping a kind of a kiosk app originally made for desktop machines (mouse). Recently we've tested it on a touch screen used with a stylus or fingers (not a mobile device but a touch screen connected to a PC), everything run smoothly without any changes as the touch events on the screen are interpretated as a mouse interaction by the driver.


      So everything works well but of course the UI is not designed to be manipulated with fingers and especially the behaviour of List scroll is not adapted : the desktop AIR app displays vertical scroll bars and buttons to scroll the list up and down but usually on a touch screen you scroll list by swiping it (touching an element and swiping up or left, the element is not selected because you've moved the finger before moving it up)


      I know that this behaviour for a Scroller exists in flex 4.5 within a "Mobile Project" (apparently it is possible to compile a "Mobile Project" into a desktop AIR app...?)


      So my questions are :

      1) Is it possible to set up this "mobile" behaviour of a scrollable List to a desktop AIR app ?

      2) Generally speaking, is it possible to set at the installation (by configuration or so) the "style" of the app (by "style" I mean the size and the behaviour of the components in order to be manipulated by a mouse or by a finger). It seems possible as the logic behind the component doesn't change, just the size (if it is a button and/or the bahaviour of the scroll if it is a List, and so on...). Is it something related to a Skin? or maybe a Theme?

      3) What the difference between a "desktop AIR app" and a "mobile app" in Flex Builder 4.5? (both project seems to have the same compiler's arguments, etc...)?