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    Graphics support

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      I've approached the unhappy business of drawing things into CS extensions. Basic vector things, like shapes, lines, etc.

      What a pain.


      Waiting for the support of Flex 4 and its super-easy declarative approach with Spark components (please, do it, please: we will love you forever), I've decided to try out the Degrafa framework (see here and on GoogleCode here) which is declarative as well - in fact, it looks very like Spark in some ways. So nice.


      Alas, it shows some annoying bugs - I use to output to Flash Player to speed up the testing; things are getting even worse when you try to put it inside extensions - god knows why, since I use the very same EB sdk to compile.


      Anyway, you experienced Flex/extension coders around, what approach would you suggest? I can't use SVG, for I need the graphic objects to be scriptable; should I stick to Degrafa, are there any better options?

      Thanks in advance!