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    Trust Manager and Javascript doesn't work?

    -Ed -

      Hope someone can help with this.


      We have a pdf served from a website (via Livecycle) that contains javascript.  We'd like users to be able to maintain their local security settings, and leave Javascript globally disabled if they like.


      The Adobe docs suggest that having Enhanced Security on and the the URL as a privileged location should then allow javascript even with the global JS setting disabled, and indeed the yellow bar warnings don't appear, however the following dialog box does:



      Agreeing to this globally enables javascript for all pdfs which defeats the point.


      As an aside, I've checked the registry settings for Reader and I can't see any differences from the settings seen through the UI, including the feature lockdown settings.  There's no cJavaScript key under the trust manager though which is mentioned in the documents (although there is a cJavaScriptURL key), and creating this makes no difference - it also gets removed after Reader next runs.


      I'm using Reader 9.4, but I've also tried 9.1 on another machine.  Users will have a variety of versions, but I'd be happy if I could get it working in 9+


      I'd appreciate any help.




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          -Ed - Level 1

          No one any thoughts? 


          Someone has also now tried this with Adobe Reader X, and again, it asks you to enable Javascript which then enables it for ALL forms.


          Any help gratefully appreciated,



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            -Ed - Level 1

            Well judging from conversations I've had with a number of people, my own experiments, and the lack of any response here, it seems that the Trust Manager and Javascript does NOT work, which makes it pretty pointless as a supposed security feature.


            Happy to hear from anyone that can tell me otherwise, but I think this means we'll end up changing our system to use something other than Adobe technology.