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    Looking for path tokens to install flash panels

    Manovi Level 1



      I am trying to build an MXI description file to install flash panels under the following paths:

                   For WINDOWS XP/7/VISTA: <drive>\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\XMP\Custom File Info Panels\3.0\panels


                   For MAC OS: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/XMP/Custom File Info Panels/3.0/panels


      Unfortunately in the CS5 EM documentation there is no viable access to those paths. Any token returns those paths. I dont' think I can use the full path directly because in Windows case I don't know the drive where Windows is installed. In the MacOs case may be feasible to use the full path?


      Is there another way to obtain the Common Files/Library path into the MXI file?


      Thank You for the help!


      Massimo Novi