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    Need advice on saving intro clip.

    Rodrigo, Adobe-Certified

      Hi Guys,


      I would like to know what the best way to export a clip that will have to be re-rendered every time I export a file. So I'm looking to trim on rendering as much as I can. (e.g. only render once)


      I'm the camera man / video editor / sound guy for the video version of our in-house radio show. The show is shot every week and now they want to have the video companion for every edition. Each show is 1 hour long with 4 segments of approx 12 minutes each. At the beginning of each segment there is a 30 second intro with the show's jingle and some b-roll I shot in the studio. This intro will not change for the time being and will be pre-pended to every segment I produce.


      What is the best way to save this sequence? should I export it as an uncompressed video and import it as an asset for every show? (being that it's uncompressed it won't need to be de-compressed and on each export?).

      The show is being shot on HDV 1080p 29.9fps and exported on HDTV 1080p 29.9 AND YouTube HD (the former for future Blu-ray exporting once we have enough shows and the latter for YouTube).


      Any tips? suggestions?


      Right now I have a sequence with the intro in my first PP5.5 project and I'm placing that within the segment sequences and then exporting.


      Also after I export the HDTV clips I take the resulting mp4 files and I queue them in Adobe Media Encoder to downsample them for YouTube HD. Is this preferable or should I just do the export directly from my work space?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I can think of a couple of ways for doing this.


          One would be to create/edit your Intro, and then Export it with a lossless CODEC, such as Lagarith Lossless, or UT. This would then be Imported into your show's Sequence. You would not have to re-Render this segment, as you will have already "signed off" on it, so even if it has the red line over it, you do not need to see it playback at the ultimate quality.


          Another, and with some potential for saving some other work, would be to create a Sequence with the Intro, and the Bin structure/layout in place. Save this Project as a "template" and then use it as boilerplate for each new show. Just immediately do a Save_As (so as to not overwrite it), and add your new footage. I'd also do a backup of that "template," just in case you forget the Save_As.


          Good luck,



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            Rodrigo, Adobe-Certified Level 1

            Thank you so much!


            I had something similar in mind for the workflow of the show initially but was having a hard time visualizing it. I also sometimes record the audio of the show on a Cubase Workstation and have templates there.


            I will give the lossless codec export a try, sounds like it'll do what I want it to do which is cut rendering time off of my queues and spend more time actually rendering new stuff



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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              The show is being shot on HDV 1080p 29.9fps


              Take note that Blu-ray can't hold 30p video.  At 1080 resolution and 30 fps, it will only hold interlaced video.