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    No Video with IE9 Flash 'Square'


      I recently purchased a new Acer notebook computer for my business travel in late March 2011. The machine is running Windows 7 64bit OS and had IE8 64bit installed. I installed IE9 upon receipt of an update notice from Microsoft and downloaded Adobe Flash Player 'Square'. I am unable to view any internet video on news websites (ie: CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc). The screen is completely blank, but does contain the audio. I do receive video for any 'You Tube' file I have attempted. I have removed and reinstalled both IE9 and Flash 'Square' multiple times after attempting various 'fix' I have found on line, but the problem persists and I cannot view video content. This is forcing me to use 'Chrome' when using this machine. Can you help me? Thanks.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I too had IE9 thrust upon me via the guise of being an important update... didn't appreciate that.  While I was trying to get it up to speed with how I had things working smoothly for me with IE8, I found some glitches in IE9 that made me look for info on how to get it out of my system and return to IE8. I believe it was a simple uninstall, where IE8 was automatically restored.  The next day the update notice came up again with IE9 listed so I did what I could to eliminate its status as being anything I want.


          I think too many companies are rushing to get their unfinished products out the door these days.  I can wait for html5 to be a released standard before I need a browser that incorporates tidbits of its undeveloped functionality.

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            rjberresjr Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.  I found that the IE9 uninstall feature will activate IE8 again.  I am looking for a fix for the IE9 'Square' problem, but I may be ahead of the developers on this.

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              I to have had a lot of trouble viewing fox news video  I have

              ie9 and windows 7

              on a new HP Intel i7.  It seems no matter whic

              h computer I attempt to view fox news video it always fails. Any solutions?  Is there a trick to viewing because it must be viewed by other viewers without incidents.

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                rjberresjr Level 1

                The problems I experienced have been solved.  Adobe recently released Flash Player 11 and all video problems/issues I had experienced have been solved.  This latest Flash Player 11 is working everyday on both of my Windows 7, IE9 computers error free.  Thank you for your reply.