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    Need help creating a shopping list


      I am new to Flash and am currently working on a project, using actionscript 2.0.  My project is a page flipping magazine.  On each page are several products.  When you click on a specific product, a popup window comes up and shows all of the product details.  The popup window also includes two buttons – Add to Cart & Add to Shopping List.  This is where I am having trouble.  When the user clicks on the 'Add to Shopping List' button I would like the product details  (i.e picture of item, item description, price, select quantity, delete product option)  to “load” into a shopping list (which would be on a different frame further down the timeline and look like a whole new page to the user). I don’t want to redirect them to the shopping list at this time, I just want the information to “load” into the shopping list.  Later, when they are done adding all their items into the shopping list, they can click on the shopping list tab at the top of the page and it will direct them to the correct frame in the timeline and show all of the products they added.   If anyone could give me some suggestions on how to accomplish this and where to start to create this, I would appreciate it.  Thank you!shopping list.jpg