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    Busy Image  to go along with Busy Cursor




        I am looking for the best way to show a busy image to go along with the Busy Cursor in a title window inside of my flex app.  I originally thought I could just embed a GIF image and it would animate just like a regular GIF does, but this doesnt happen without using some other 3rd party actionscript.  I know there are animations that can do this, but I am unfamilar with how these exactly work and if I have to start with an original image to animate.  I also dont know much about making a .fla file either then export it to a .swf.  Just looking for a direction to focus on since there seems to be multiple ways to accomplish this.  It just needs to be a circle that fades a section out as it rotates.  Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  Please let me know if you are confused or need any further information.


      Thanks again!