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    CS5 do I need a licence to sell my flash programs?


      hi guys,


      im new to CS5 but alot of my Action Script 3 tutorials and books require me to install it, (namely to create MovieClip files).


      My question is I intend to write software using flash that I can then sell commercially but im confused as to what licence I would need to do that? or if my CS5 licence would need to be valid for as long as I sell my software.....


      so far I have the trial version of CS5 Pro to continue coding but after reading this part of the user agreement (see below) it suggests that I cannot sell software with any 'output' files I produce during the 30 day trial... is this correct? what licence, if any, do I need to sell my flash programs created using CS5 Pro and will I need to keep it renewed once the program development is finished? thanks in advance.



      2.1.2 The Software, or portions of the Software, that are provided with a serial number designated for “evaluation purposes” or other similar designation (such as Software or a serial number supplied as “EVAL” under a separate ordering document) and that includes an expiration date (“Evaluation Software”) may only be installed and used on Computers for demonstration, evaluation, and training purposes only and only if any Output Files or other materials produced through such use are used only for internal, non-commercial, and non-production purposes. The Evaluation Software will automatically time out with or without prior notice. You may not use such Evaluation Software after any applicable time-out period has ended, unless you input a valid serial number under Section 2.2. ACCESS TO AND USE OF ANY OUTPUT FILES CREATED WITH SUCH EVALUATION SOFTWARE IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.