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    How to move a project in source control

    hecjen Level 1

      I messed up & need your advice. I put my first RH project, "core", at the root level of my VSS project:






      Unfortunately, my "core" RH project is now a child project in a merged help system.  I also put the "parent" project at the root level, so now it looks like this in VSS:







      ... but my VSS folder structure really should reflect my real folder structure, so that other writers can use the same structure when they open the project.

      So I want to change my VSS folder structure to this:








      So here's my question (finally!):  what's the best way to move the core project in VSS?


      * In RH, remove the core project from source control, then put it back under source control at the new folder level, OR


      * In VSS, add the new "projects" folder structure and move the "core" folder underneath it, then open it in RH as a "new" project?




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          Amebr Level 4

          Either way should work.


          Method 1 will ensure the source control path in the RH files points to the correct VSS location


          Method 2 will keep your change history if this is important to you. However, it is trickier to do.  Zip up a copy of your project just in case.




          Method 2 details

          If you use this method, you need to manually change the VSS path listed in the .xpj file.


          Look for something similar to the following. It may be different depending on your versions of RH and VSS. The below is from RH6 and VSS2005. '[' represents and angle bracket.


                     [value]"$/Dev/Source/Documentation/MyProject", ZTZQBAAA[/value]


          You will need to change the [value] line: change the path beginning with $ to your project location.

          I don't think you need to change the 8 character code after the comma, but I was never quite sure what it meant. If want to be safe or things don't work, create a temporary new project and add it to VSS at the same level as your project. Copy the bit in green from the temp project and paste it into your real one. Delete the temp project.


          Also make sure you delete the .cpd file before opening the project as this sometimes remembers the old location.





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