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    all-white video line if I upgrade to 5.03


      I have two PC systems both attached to Matrox MXO2 mini boxes.


      One is Premiere Pro 5.03 and the other is 5.01


      I capture cinefilm through a blackmagic decklink which creates SD or HD images in MJPEG which I then transfer to an HP Z800 workstation


      This capture / transfer / edit / export process works perfectly in 5.01 but as soon as I try to upgrade to either 5.02 or 5.03 all I get in my video timeline is white video. I have the blackmagic decklink 7.9.3 codecs on both machines. And matrox codecs for the MXO2 boxes


      If I transfer a cinefilm file onto my other machine which captures video with 5.03 I also just get white video......


      Why does 5.01 work beautifully, but the upgrades make my film invisible?