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    Is Antec 600 big enough for this PPro CS5 system?


      I was a little discouraged to hear the guy who will be building my system say he 'thought' the Antec 600 case he came up with would be big enough for this hardware.

      I assembled the rest of the list from this forum (Thanks Harm & co!) and figured he could find the case--just want to be sure. Is 850 watt PS enough? Have I goofed anywhere else? Should I have a basic DVD player for routine stuff?


      i7-950 3.06
      Asus P6x58D Premium
      850 w XCLIO X14S8P4
      24 gb DDR3
      W7 pro 64
      2 500 wd black
      2 1tb wd Black
      EVGA GTX 580 3gb
      Liteon iHBS112 SATA DVD writer
      Antex 600 black

      Apacer all in one


      Thanks all!