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    load movie clip once all drop targets have clips in them


      Hi I'm now at the very last stage of my flash game, the forum has been really helpful, but i have one last issue. When the the 1. , 2. and 3. lines have boxes dropped on them I want the movie clip to load. I haven't been able to achive this. but I found a temporary way around it by making the clip load once the "3." target is full. this works but isn't completly accurate, I need it to also check if the other targets are full before the clip loads. I'm thinking it's something like:


      "if (demons_mc.hitTest("targetCircle3+targetCircle2+targetCircle1")){this._parent.gotoAndPlay ("join"); }"



      But I just cant get it right, Any help would be great as this is the only thing holding this project back. Below is a link to the swf and the code I currently have on all the dropable clips.






      on (press) {
          startDrag(this, true);
      on (release) {
          if (this._droptarget == "/targetCircle3")