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    Error #2038


      I am trying to download books to adobe digital editions and keep getting an error message.  The book looks like it is downloaded and at the last minute it says:


      IO Error on Network Request.

      Please check your network connection and try again.

      Network Path:


      Event Detail:

      Error #2038



      I am definately computer illerate (and technology illiterate, lol), can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and how I can correct this and start downloading books.  I think this is a problem with adobe not my public library since I am unable to download books from the adobe site as well.   Please help, I really want to start enjoying these books on my Nook ( I have figured out how to transfer books from ADE to the Nook from other peoples posts. This is not the problem, just getting to book to download to my home PC is where I am having problems!)



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          Level 4

          Unfortunately, you are experiencing a 'technical malfunction'.  Something is

          wrong in the communication between your computer and Adobe's website that is

          happening as the download of the ebook is being finalized.  This is not an

          ADE software error.  Because you're not a 'techie', I'd suggest calling

          Adobe help and giving them the error number.  They should be able to tell

          you what to do.  I emphasize the word 'SHOULD' because it's something that's

          happening with their website.



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            Jim_Lester Level 4

            File's fine on the website, so most likely it will be configuration settings on your computer that is preventing ADE from downloading the file.  Good Luck.