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    Problems with SWF & Dynamic Background


      I'm working on my website right now and I can't seem to figure out a way around these two problems.


      1. I created a contact form in Flash, when I import the .Swf into Flash Catalyst this is what i see when I try to move the image.


      When I run the project, everything looks normal (Although Its hard to place the object in the right spot)


      However, I can not seem to type in any of the text boxes. 

      2. I would like to create a more dynamic site that resizes to one's web browser, just like content on Adobe.com spreads out.  Right now the way I have disquised this is by centering the page and putting a feathered background in, but I'd much rather spreading the content of the page out or making the background at least spread out.

      How can I accomplish this?


      I know the color scheme on the sight is pretty bad right now, that is still in the works, I'll probably darken it a little bit and keep the colors more in the same range.


      - Jason