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    When I Print a PDF, Adobe Reader X Prints Doc As A Very Small Version


      I have a Lexmark Interact S605 All In One Printer.  When I scan documents as a pdf, and go to print, the actual document does not even fill the page.  In fact it's a very small version of the document in the middle of the page.  How do I somehow change the Page Scaling to "Fit To Printable Area?"  It's embarrassing when I send these documents out to clients and they come back to me and say that these pdfs are very small on the page and do not even come close to filling up the entire page as a pdf should.  Are there settings that I can change so that when I print a pdf, it will Fit To Printable Area each time???  Thank you in advance for any help on this question.  christopher.smith.realtor@gmail.com