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    Speed up computer?


      I downloaded the new (5.5) After Effects trial on my computer and started working with it. I had a problem though, and it was that whenever I opened another program, say Inter Explorer, it would go extremely slow (my entire computer), and sometimes the program I was trying to open wouldn't respond. Now my computer says it's got 3.5GB of Memory, and within After Effects it was, for the most part, going smoothly and quickly.


      So, my question is: if I add more RAM to my computer, would it allow it to go faster (I'm talking about having After Effects open with a composition being worked on, and say also have Cubase open to work on the audio portion of the project)? Or would my computer still freeze up and go slow?


      I think I know the answer but I'm not an After Effects know-it-all so I'd rather not spend money on useless parts (my computer is more then fine with the memory it's got if I uninstall AE)

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          So, how much RAM does your machine actually have?  What Operating System?  What kind of CPU does your system have?


          General rule of thumb - minimum of 2GB of RAM for each CPU core, but preferably more.  If you have a 2 core CPU, that means a minimum of 4GB, but 8 or 16 would make more sense. 


          Check your memory preferences in AE and make sure you are leaving some RAM available for other applications.  If you have less than 4MB of RAM you won't realistically be able to run After Effects very well.