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    Lead/Senior Flex developer Job Posting


      RippleSend  is an exciting start-up company creating the most innovative education  technology application for the K-12 environment.  Our flagship new  product, the rrripple ePortfolio, is the next generation digital  portfolio application looking to revolutionize self-directed learning,  authentic learning assessment and lifelong personal development for  students and teachers.

      We’re currently looking to hire (full-time) A+ level  Adobe Flex (Flash Builder 4) programmers interested in being part of  our passionate team of educators, designers and developers looking to  transform students' lives.  We’re an angel/seed backed start-up that is  making noise in investor circles and is looking to grow fast!

      The right candidate is an exceptional Lead/Senior  Flex developer with deep experience (we're pushing Flex hard). Someone  who can improve an existing implementation while cleaning up remaining  issues. Can you demonstrate a solid understanding of large scale web  architectures? Are you a capable lead and a practical implementer?

      We are looking for someone with the following experience:

      • Flash Builder 4, ActionScript 3, MXML, Event Processing
      • Adobe Acrobat/PDF API's and SDKs.
      • Web 2.0 architectures with XML and JSON
      • Social Media API integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc...)
      • LAMP Stack
      • Demonstrated database skills (MySQL, Entity Relationships, SQL Language, Zend Framework, optimized for performance and volume)
      • Web programming: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML/HTML5
      • Memcached
      • Linux Servers, CentOS, VI

      Skills Required:
      • Adobe Flex (Flash, Flash Builder 4), LAMP, PHP, XML

      This is a paid, full-time position opportunity
      We're located around the Bay Area, so telecommuting is something we're open to.

      Andres Davidovits