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    If any of you have time, could you please provide some feedback for me?


      Hello, my name is Cody Hendrickson. I'm a senior in High School and want to persue a career in Animation. However, I have no experience in animation whatsoever and am basically self-taught. I made my first two animated short films The Isle of Chawumpum: Parts 1 & 2 and was hoping if you could give me some pointers or criticism that would help me? I have absolutely no idea how to use Adobe Flash and made The Isle of Chawumpum only with Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I'm just getting my feet wet in the process of animation, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


      Here is Part 1:



      And here is Part 2:


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          Your animation is very good.  You are due some congrats if you're self taught.  My main critism is the story is a little slow.  What's with the sun & moon sequesence?  You could easily move the story along faster by removing it as well as some other segments that drag.  Like when the bat breaks through the wall - that scene drags because of the period of "dead air" between the leading scene & the actual break out - that sort of thing.


          Overal though, good job!