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    Understand states, transitions, interactions, but how to determine what info is displayed?

    johngordon12 Level 1

      Sorry - couldn't think how to summarise that better.


      Basically, I'm a web designer, who has only ever really dabbled with Flash in the past, but am comfortable with timelines etc.


      I was just looking at FC at last (as I have Design Premium), and in particular the video tutorials on Lynda.com


      For reference, 1. Quick Start Creating a Wireframe > Planning your project is a free sample here:




      The jist is that its a little widget with three states:


      1. A little search for a vacation type.

      2. A results page that lets people either click a button to search again, or click another button to visit the web site of the holiday company.

      3. A page advising the user that they are being directed to the holiday company site.


      So I understand the concepts of having different states, and adding the interactions and transitions between the different states.


      What I'm not sure is how to tell FC to direct the user to the correct result depending on which holiday option they choose?


      Or if its even possible - I've had a look at all this stuff before, have never quite been sure how Flash / Catalyst / Flex / Air / Builder all fit together!


      Any pointers on this would be appreciated though, thanks.