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    Decode 2D barcode using Java 6




      I need help with barcode decompression. Im using "Paper Forms Barcode" (QR Code type) and using option "Compress data before encoding". I need decompress data by Java program so im using default Java Inflater class. I have read many tutorials and examples about inflating by Java and my program is almost the same. So im above there is no problem in Java program.


      My problem: when i read and decompress data, they are corupted around the middle of XML document. It means when document start, everything is ok, but around 200-300 chars after, document is corupted - some chars are.


      May be I will have to use alternative Inflater implementation or some other way. I think problem is with default Java algorithm which is not almost the same as Adobe PDF algorithm.


      Do you know some working examples? Thanks a lot.