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    Broken Build


      I have an Adobe Flex application that is distributed amongst multiple clients.


      I am at a dead end and I have no idea how to progress.

      Basically, we released a new version of our app over the weekend. For the vast majority of users there are no problems...however for a small subset they are unable to click a button on a TitleWindow....basically nothing happens. One client is unable to do it from either of their PC's (trying multiple different browsers, clearing the cache, etc); another client fails on one machine, and works on another (identical machines for all intents and purposes).


      There is no rhyme or reason why some clients are able to use the app with no problems, and others are not able to to. It appears to be completely random across browser, OS, and Flash version.


      One thing I tried was to create a special version of the app that outputs steps in the code once the button has been clicked. For what we can gather, the event is not being fired off at all for this small subset of clients.

      Other than that, I've no idea how to actually track this down, because we are not able to replicate this at all.


      Help please! We are willing to pay if needed to get this sorted.

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          Nishant Jha28 Level 2

          Make sure they have the new SWF cached. If not Try changing the name of the main file and try again. Old 1 is probably cached.

          Did you upgrade the flex sdk version? This could lead to similar issue but to every1.

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            JonoB Level 1

            I am 100% sure that they have the new swf, as I have spoken to them on the phone to confirm this.


            This is driving me absolutely crazy.

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              Nishant Jha28 Level 2

              When you are saying nothing happens on the button click... what do you mean? What id the expected behaviour and how have you implemented that?


              Please note that click is a combination of Mouse_DOWN and MOUSE_UP. If the hit target becomes different in both of them(ie the component size changes),  click event is not dispatched.

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                UbuntuPenguin Level 4

                I've seen something like that.  Are they using virtual software like Citrix ?  If so , you may have to delete their profile metadata.

                If they aren't using virtual software the error could be caused by something in the architecture.  For example clicking in the order A->B->C the D button works.  But some users are clicking in the order of B->C->A and the D button stops working because the second order changes the state of something somewhere.  I'm guessing the issue is probably caused by the last reason.

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                  JonoB Level 1

                  Its just a plain button on a TitleWindow component. Compiled in Flex 3.5.


                  saveButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onSaveClick);


                  The button is clickable, but the event does not fire off at all for some users. This is an app that has been running for 18 months with no such problem before. I have one user that has two identical machines; the button works as expected on one machine, and not on another.



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                    JonoB Level 1


                    http://thingsthatwork.net/index.php/2008/12/09/obscure-as3-for-switch-if-false-verify-erro /


                    Puts the final nail in the coffin for me to dump Flex.