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    acrobat reader 10.0.x for windows and flash player update


      i don't understand why my client require the update of reader (update of 10.0.1), but in the download page (.msp file) i can't find nothing. the other problem was about the update of flash player....i need to distribute the update over GPO, but adobe doesn't release from download page....is because the update are integrated in acrobat reader new release?


      the metod is wrong! security is very important and release the updated version of software is also foundamental! IT Pro need an update (.msp or .msi) for the reader and for player.....faster not when you want


      so....how you think to resolve this problem? how i can resolve my problem about the update?

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          Here you'll find the msi and msp files for the Acrobat Reader ("reader" folder on ftp) and Acrobat Pro ("acrobat" folder on ftp). ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/ . Save the link to your bookmarks.


          For updating/installing Flash Player you'll have to go over here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/fp_distribution3.html

          There's a distribution license needed to deploy the flash player (don't ask my why the hell you'll have to get a license to deploy it in internal environments, although you can download and install it without the license).


          Best of luck, i needed a hole day to preparing deployment of cs5.5 and flash player etc. because of lack of information or consistency at the adobe pages and different methods for diffrent products. There should be a way to charge adobe the time it needs to get started, because they earn a damn lot of money with their cs products so they should provide better methods to do these tasks... but thats an endless story, because they're a monopolistic global player i think they aren't really interested in the needs of customers. There's not a real alternative, especially in education you're bound to use it, so you're gonna buy it anyway...