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    Index color issue -- Adobe PDF -- InDesign

    thaj integra



      In one of our two-color project, we are facing some issues.


      Actually there is only two color has been used in our image and we've preflighted, there is no index color found in images pdf.


      If we import the same image in InDesign and done the "Export as PDF", index color has been found in the pdf.


      If we do PS to PDF also, facing the same issue. We have checked in QuarkXPress, this issue not occurred.


      Our customer is preflighting the PDF in Courier and they're getting the warning as "Found CMYK colors" in Courier Online site. They need explanation for this issue.


      Attached the image and screenshot (index color in image after exporting as PDF) herewith.


      Picture 14.png


      Anyone know why this is getting? Your help is really appreciated.


      Thank you,