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    Question re: problem with effects in PE9 when uploaded to YouTube

    andy jxm

      I have created a video that looked perfect in the work space but when I upload it to YouTube the effects (lightening and animated clip art) are out of line.  The effects are appearing higher up the screen on YouTube than on the original creation.


      All other aspects seem to be OK.  I'm using Premiere Elements 9.


      The original video was shot with a Kodak Zi8 at 720p/60FPS.


      The new project was created as NTSC-AVCHD-AVCHD LITE 720p60.


      When I finished the editing I rendered the work and viewed it and it was good.


      I uploaded the finished work onto YouTube directly from Premiere Elements.


      Is there something else I should have done?


      Any help will be gratefully received.


      Kind Regards ... Andy