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    Anyone out there ever convert from using Elixir Design Pro Tools for AFP to LiveCycle?

    Brenda VT Labor

      I have CS4 on my computer. In my reserach I beleive I can do in LiveCycle everything that has been done in the past in Elixir. However, I need proof that this can be done by folks who have actaully done it. I love working with Adobe products and woudl love to swiotch over to using this program (that I already have) but need to  know for sure that it can  100% replace the Elixir software and produce the same output results off the mainframe with out too much reprogramming or recompliling (not too sure about this area--that's the programmer's ball game) It's my understanding that neityher of these programs really ned to work directly wiht the programmers...But that is another issue.  This is a link explaing a bit about Elixir (thought dated 2006) it gives a pretty good overview.