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    How do I make a new sentence


      All I want to do is be able to start a new line in the action script panel when I'm typing a paragaraph that goes into a text field. Heres the code I have... If I press "return" to go to the next line I get an error. I was told not to do this. But how do I just go to a next line without the error.

      Recent_mc.onPress = function() {
      newsTextArea.text = "<p>blah blah balh jfkjekj kjhfkjkfdj kjkfjdkfjd kjkjfkdj kjk kjkfdj kjk fd";
      I want to start typing here nowww but i get errors. }

      I want to have it like this
      newsTextArea.text = "jkfdjdkfjdk kjdfkjd kjf dkjfkdj kjdkfjdkjfdjfkdjfkdj
      kjfdkjfdkjfkd kjdkfjdkjfkdjfd kjkfjdkfjdkfjdkjfkdjkjkfjkdjfkdjfkjdkfjdkjfkdfjkdjf

      If you can please paste in the proper syntax. Thanks