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    What is the best pop-up video player for flash?

    StarPilot06 Level 1

      I am looking for the best way to create/find a pop-up video player for my flash site.


      Meaning, clicking on thumbnails on a site and a new window/video player pops up.


      I would love to use Vimeo, but I can work with YourTube if that is all there is.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you!

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Sounds like you are talking about two different things, a Flash video player and a means to make it pop-up.

          Most likely the pop-up part will be controlled by javascript, which has nothing to do with the player... you could apply the same method to any video player, Vimeo, YouTube, or your own custom player...

          Or is there a specific example that you want to emulate?

          Post a link and we will take a look.

          Best wishes,


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            StarPilot06 Level 1

            hey Adninjastrator...


            Thank you for your response.  Yes, I did a poor job of describing what I am looking for.  I will search for an example.


            Here is HOPEFULLY a better description:


            I have a flash page with some thumbnails.  I want to be able to click on the thumbnail and a new video window pops up playing a video I have already uploaded to vimeo or youtube (if needed).


            So it would not be embedded on the page, it would open on it's own pop-up page.


            Something like this videolightbox thing: http://videolightbox.com/#demo  but with vimeo.  Would videolightbox even work on a flash page?

            Thank you again!

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              adninjastrator Level 4

              I do not used videolightbox, but it may work just fine....but have created a similar effect on my own:


              The big blue button in the middle of the page is a Flash .swf which communicates to javascript to show/hide a <div> containing a Flash video player. In this case it's not a separate pop-up window but an overlay. the important thing is that you can communicate between Flash and javascript, which will do the pop-up.

              So yes, you can create pretty much any type of pop-up you want. You'll be using actionscript in your tumbnails to communicate with javascript which will pop-open the window.

              In AS2 you use getURL or ExternalInterface to communicate with javascript.


              In AS3 :



              For a pop-up window, you still need to create a second, actual html web page to hold the video player... embed Vimeo or whatever player you want.

              You also need the javascript to do the pop-up:


              or Google "javascript popup window" for tons more of examples.

              If you are looking for more of the overlay type, like the link I posted above, the layout is a little different, you'll just be displaying a <div> which will hold your player instead of a whole separate page. Then you can use javascript show/hide:


              or Google "javascript show hide" for tons more of examples.

              So in your Flash, you use a thumbnail as a button which communicates to the javascript in the HTML section of your Web page (remember, there is no such thing as a Flash Web page, only HTML, PHP, ASP, etc pages which may happen to have some Flash content). The javascript then responds by opening a pop-up window which displays another HTML web page that you have created and has the Vimeo player displayed on that second, popup page.

              Best of luck!


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                StarPilot06 Level 1

                Adninjastrator, great info!


                I think you have won me over with the over-lay insstead of a new window.


                It seems videolightbox will do this but do you know how I would insert this code into a Flash file?  I am comfortable working with HTML in Dreamweaver but Flash is a new direction for me.  Do you know where/how I would drop this code into a flash file?


                Thank you!

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                  adninjastrator Level 4

                  I can't say for sure since I've never actually used videolightbox.

                  But I would suggest that you first build a regular html page and install lightbox there. Put a small thumbnail on the page (nothing else, leave rest of page blank) that will activate the videolightbox.

                  Get all that working first so you understand what's happening.

                  My guess is that there will be some code linking the thumbnail to the javascript that fires off the display of videolightbox.

                  Whatever that code that fires it off is, that's what you'll incorporate into the Flash button/thumbnail. But get a not Flash version working first, then just sort of switch out that small thumbnail image for you Flash content. You will have a button inside the Flash that does exactly the same thing as the non-Flash image did.... fires off some javascript to display the videolightbox.

                  Best of luck!