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    PE 9 - Audiocompression in AVI?



      I´m using Adobe Premiere Elements 9 since two weeks now.

      It´s a great software, but I´ve got some problems with codecs.


      WMV is a bit slow, I don´t like MainConcept so far.


      So I decided to use AVI as the container for the video.

      Under "Video" I selected x264vfw, a H.264 encoder for AVI-containers (which is a little bit better than MainConcept).

      But, under "Audio" I can´t select any audio encoder. There is just "Uncompressed".


      Is there any way to fix that?

      Does Premiere Elements 9 not support Audio-Encoders via DirectShow?





      (Oh yes, sorry for my bad english. I´m still learning it )

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Your English is excellent!!!


          The available choices for Audio will depend on the wrapper/container and CODEC, that you choose. I do not know your specific CODEC, so that could well be the limiting factor. Also, the available Audio CODEC's on your system, plus whether PrE can access and work with them.


          While I have an older version of PrE, than you do, and probably different sets of CODEC's on the system, in some wrappers/containers and with some CODEC's, I only have the PCM/WAV Uncompressed Audio option, however with other wrappers/containers, and other CODEC's, I have many more options available. As an example, if I choose MOV w/ H.264, the only Audio is Uncompressed. With MS-AVI, I have a half-dozen options, but my version will not allow me to use the H.264 CODEC with that wrapper/container, though I do have many other CODEC options from DivX to Lagarith Lossless.


          As for DirectShow, not sure if Premiere can use that option. I have never used it for Audio. As a bit of a history lesson, and maybe not relavent here, Premiere went with their own playback engine, leaving all DirectShow behind, with PrPro 1.0, which, IIRC, predated the first release of PrElements by about 1 year. I do not think that PrElements ever used DirectShow, but could well be wrong. I am basing my assumption only on the development timeline for PrE's "big brother," PrPro.


          Now, it is possible that if one had FFDShow installed, the DirectShow Audio might be available, BUT that thought comes with a BIG WARNING!!! FFDShow has been known to really foul up both Adobe Premiere programs, PrE and PrPro, so I do not recommend installing it. It also can be a real problem to uninstall, and some users have had to resort to a full HDD reformat and reinstallation of the OS, and everything Adobe. Note: some users HAVE been able to do a simple uninstall of FFDShow, and then just a simple Registry clean, but not all. If you explore FFDShow, please do a System Restore Point, BEFORE you install it.


          Wish that I could offer more than just thoughts and observations from previous versions and from PrPro, but maybe others can be of more help.


          Good luck,



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            Computerkabel Level 1

            Well, I always thought that AVI supports alot of Audiocodecs.

            Anyways, here is a screenshot of my settings-window:



            I can select "Unkomprimiert" only (should be "Lossless" in english versions).

            I´ve also tried DivX, but that doesn´t change nothing.


            Lame ACM and other audio-encoders (i.e AC3) are already installed on my system.