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    Toshiba copier department codes and Adobe Reader X

    pcrtech Level 1

      I work at the IT department/helpdesk for a real estate company.  We have a couple dozen Toshiba E-Studio 2830c, 4520c, and 5520c.

      Our users need to enter department codes before they print.  What happens is they get a popup, enter in their department code and it prints.

      The problem is that when they try and print a pdf with Adobe Reader X, the department code popup appears behind the reader software and our users don't see it and don't think to look for it that way.

      This happens ONLY with Adobe Reader X, not any other software or older version of Adobe Reader.

      I cannot find any "keep on top" or related setting that might resolve this.

      A google search for the issue didn't really pend any useful results.


      Does anyone know of a solution or if it's a known issue being worked on?


      Thank you.

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          elloyd16 Level 1

          An easy fix for this is to open your Adobe Reader, go to Edit, then Preferences, then go to the Internet option and uncheck the box that says display pdf in browser.  This will force any PDF's from the web to open Adobe Reader and then it will see the department code that is attached and print for you.

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            wakatashi100 Level 1

            We have the same problem, with a Toshiba eStudio 2820c.  Again, the problem only occurs with Adobe Reader X, but it's not related to displaying PDFs in the browser - the problem's occuring with PDF document saved locally on the computer.  The only workarounds appear to be to downgrade to Adobe Reader 9, or jump ship to something like Foxit Reader.  Neither of which I'd prefer! 


            We're running Adobe Reader X 10.1.3, which at the time of writing is the latest, under Windows XP (fully patched).


            Does anyone have any other ideas, please?