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    Generic error importing .mxf file

    curtStaubach Level 1

      I get a "generic error" (that's what the dialogue says - thanks for being so descriptive) when I try to import one specific .mxf file. All other .mxf files from the shoot import fine. The file in question is 15GB.


      I can open the file with VLC player and it's fine. I can also import the clip into Adobe Media Encoder 5.5 and it previews fine. But when I try to export, it stalls on conforming about 80% of the way through.I've tried multiple times. I've rebooted my computer and tried again.


      I'm on a Macbook Pro OSX 10.6 - 8GB of RAM.

      Premiere Pro CS5.5


      I thought it may be a memory issue, but according to Activity Monitor I still have 1.7GB of free RAM while it's stalled at 80%.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          curtStaubach Level 1

          Problem solved.


          I was pulling the 15GB video file from an external USB hard drive (Western Digital).


          If I put the file on my Macbook's hard drive the file work fine.


          I also tested the file on a FireWire 800 external drive (iomega 320 GB) and it works on that as well.


          Not sure if it's a USB limitation or maybe the cache in the Western Digital drive.