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    Mac issue: unable to get File object from Photoshop Document object




      I posted this question in my previous post, I hope I can get some helps.



      I created a Photoshop Panel using Extension Builder 1.5, the panel is running perfectly in Window, but when I switch to Mac, things broken. I found the SDK on Mac is unable to get the Document.fullName when I open an image file in JPG/GIF/PNG formats, event with workaround solution provided from Bob (http://cookbooks.adobe.com/post_Creative_Suite_Extensions_and_the_Photoshop_CS5_Re-17727.h tml)


      In fact, it is not Photoshop event issue, if open a JPG image from my Disk, click on a button in my panel that will get the activeDocument, then try to get the File object from it, the Document.fullName always null. However, if I open the image from Photoshop installed folder, it seems fine.