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    Please fix liquify already!!

    NNogi Level 1



      There is one problem with liquify that never got fixed: Most of the times (always?) when processing large files, it doesn't use the user-specified scratch disc or the TMP-Folders but creates temporary files (*_MVM_*.tmp) in the root directory of arbitrary (!) drives (even external usb drives). This even happens, if there is plenty of free RAM available (~several GBs).


      Best case scenario: things are severely slowed down even on the newest fastest machines (e.g. when it picks a slow disc that you only use for storage), worst case scenario: "No more virtual tiles can be allocated" (e.g. when it picks a disc with only little space left or one where you don't have write permissions).


      There are so, so many complaints about that in the web (for years now!), e.g.





      ... however, no fix yet!


      The obvious improvement would be to create the tmp-files in a well-defined place (what about scratch?) that the user can control.

      That's a one-liner that every intern at Adobe should be able to code. Of course it would be even better, if these files weren't created in the first place.

      Anyway, please fix it!


      Btw, did anyone at least find a workaround for the problem?