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    RH7 - Viewing WebHelp in IE9 creates two vertical scroll bars


      An extra frameset appears to be in the main htm page (attached) that is generated by RoboHelp.  Here’s the frameset:


      <frameset cols="100%,*" frameborder=no border=0>

        <frame src="whnjs.htm">

        <frame src="whskin_blank.htm" noresize>



      When viewing the help in a Telerik RadHtmlPlaceholder control in Internet Explorer 9, this frameset causes our help content to appear twice.  The content is stacked on top of each other, and a vertical scroll bar is added.

      M3 help two scroll bars (2).jpgM3 help two scroll bars (1).png


      Manually removing this frameset resolves the issue.


      Has anyone else seen this issue, and if so, are there any RH options for resolving it?