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    Button embedded in MC (Call gotoAndPlay)

      Well, I have a MC named "panel". Inside "panel" are multiple buttons. One button is named "nflbut". When the panel MC is loaded the individual buttons scroll across the screen and stop via mouseover. I want to use AS for a rollover of "nflbut" which will gotoAndPlay another MC (textmc) below the button. Essentially a textual description of the bottom that's listed below when rolled over. Simple enough, but it's got me.

      Here's the simple script for the "nflbut" as I have it now:

      on (release) {
      getURL(" http://www.somewhere.com/nfl", "_self");
      on (rollOver) {
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          aniebel Level 2
          you could do it this way:

          If I understand you correctly, on your main timeline, (assuming your panel mc exists there), in a layer titled "actions" put this code:

          this.panel.nflbut.onRollOver = function(){

          But that is assuming that the textmc is located in the panel mc. Where is the textmc located?