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    Deleting items from a combobox

    angelsfury77 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I am looking to delete items from several comboboxes.  I understand the traditional way to delete items is with deleteItemAt(index).  My issue comes with not knowing the indices for the values I need to delete.  I cannot assume the values are currently active (i.e. I cannot use currentValueIndices).


      Basically, a user is selecting items from one combobox and a checkbox takes that value to populate several others with multiple (different) entries based on the input.


      What I am looking for either:


      A better function than deleteItemAt(index) that instead deletes based on the values themselves




      A method of determining what the index value of each entry is, so I can delete them as I find them (usually 5 at a time, or thereabout)


      Thank you ever so much.  The community's help is always appreciated.