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    Can not open ebook on HTC HD Desire, although my smartphone has an Adobe ID. Why?


      Hey, I bought an ebook, had to download die ADE and I have an Adobe-ID. I've tried to import the .epub to my HTC HD Desire to the ebook reader. I had to put in my Adobe-ID so my handy is also registered (with the same ID like my computer). Suddenly i can not open the ebook anymore. If it starts there's a message: "Book can not be open,because of the DRM Safety"....Very strange: I've downloaded the App ALDIKO as a ebook reader....this app can open the epub. I cannot understand this. Why can Aldiko open the same file .epub on my handy.... and the ebook reader from HTC HD Desire can not open it... both of them works with the same Adobe-ID? i would prefer using the HTC ebook reader....ojeh.....