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    FlashBuilder 4.0 Download


      We're in the process of upgrading our servers and aren't yet ready to migrate to FlashBuilder 4.5.


      We did, however, try to upgrade to FlashBuilder 4.5, however, we got an error saying that the Flex 4.0 SDK is no longer supported (which is an issue, as we're not ready to migrate to a newer SDK).


      Where can we download the FlashBuilder 4.0 installation package?

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          A few thoughts.


          1) Flash Builder 4/5 should support the 4.0 SDK w/o any issues.  Where did you see the message that says it didn't?  I have Flash Builder 4.5 currently set up for the 3.5 SDK; the Flex 3.6 SDK; the Flex 4.0 SDK; and the Flex 4.5 SDK. 

          2) Flash Builder is an IDE; why does it have any relation to your servers?

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            SOGC Level 1

            The error is "The Design Mode is disabled as project uses an incompatible version of the Flex SDK" - we get this error when trying to enter design mode.


            We don't mind moving up to FlashBuilder 4.5 as long as our applications are still compiled the same way, so that we don't have any migration related issues.

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              SOGC Level 1

              Ok so we were able to get our projects working with the Flex 4.0 SDK - however, we're still seeing the "The Design Mode is disabled as the project uses an incompatible version of the Flex SDK" error that prevents us from going into design mode.

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                Why FB 4.5 Design view does not work with SDK 4.1?

                I'm quite disapointed.. Adobe must support previous releases..

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                  SOGC Level 1

                  Agreed - this makes no sense.


                  Where can we download FlashBuilder 4.0 if we can't properly upgrade to 4.5?

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                    SOGC Level 1

                    We found our old installation of 4.0.


                    Guess we'll just have to continue using FlashBuilder 4.0, due to the lack of backward compatibility with Flex SDK 4.0 with FlashBuilder 4.5.

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                      I have the same issue.


                      I was wondering why Flash Builder 4.5 only came with SDK's 4.5 and 3.6; not 4.0 and/or 4.1.

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                        Open a new thread for this as I think it's a valid issue and confirmed on multiple machines in my network.


                        I'm having issues using 4.5 in FB 4.0

                        Every time I create a new project and target 4.5 I get the following errors:

                        1084: Syntax error: expecting rightbrace before csstesting
                        Line 24Flex Problem
                        1084: Syntax error: expecting rightbrace before end of programtesting
                        Line 447Flex Problem
                        1084: Syntax error: expecting rightbrace before stesting
                        Line 24Flex Problem
                        1093: Syntax error.testing
                        Line 24Flex Problem
                        1093: Syntax error: A string literal must be terminated before the line breaktesting
                        Line 24

                        Flex Problem

                        keep in mind the is a new project targeting the 4.5 SDK in Flash Builder 4.0. I have done nothing but create the project.

                        If I create the project with 4.1 SDK in Flash Builder 4.0, there are no issues.

                        Can someone confirm this is an issue with using 4.5 in FB 4.0 or share a solution to resolving the issues?

                        Thank you.

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                          So seriously. Is this going to be addressed or is there a solution.


                          How can Flex 4.5 support 3.6 but not 4.1??


                          If I don't want or need a preview or components window, I'd just use an open source product.



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                            SOGC Level 1

                            Yeah it is ridiculous.


                            Like I said above, we got around the problem by continuing to use FB 4.0 for design mode and compile our production code (on the Windows Server 2008 boxes that DON'T support FB 4.0) using FB 4.5.

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                              AlexOrz Level 1

                              I have Flash Builder 4.5 currently set up for the 3.5 SDK; the Flex 3.6 SDK; the Flex 4.0 SDK; and the Flex 4.5 SDK.


                              i cannot believe how you can say this as a professional user?

                              are u serious?

                              flash builder 4.5 cannot design mxml except 4.5 and 3.6

                              if u can just tell us how to

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                                yavstr Level 1

                                I have fixed this for myself.


                                I removed the reference to the 4.5 SDK and downloaded it again. I then moved the unzipped SDK into a directory on my PC under c:/Tools/SDK (I have to do this due to my computer being a government machine and I don't have access to the project directory), I then added the 4.5 SDK and it's now working as expected.


                                I think the error is due to the directory name that I was pointing to being "Flex SDK's". Perhaps the space and the ' were causing the issues I was having or maybe the build was bad?


                                Either way I hope this helps someone.

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                                  Utterly disgraceful.


                                  I've started a petition about this.


                                  Sign here:



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                                    arshorten Adobe Employee



                                    Thanks for posting on this issue and apologies for the delayed response.


                                    Flash Builder 4.5 provides support for Flex 3.x and 4.x SDKs, with the exception, as you've noted, of design view. The design view is only supported for Flex 3.6 and Flex 4.5.


                                    We understand that not having design view support for Flex 4.0 and 4.1 SDKs is an issue for some customers - unfortunately the only workaround at this time is to use Flash Builder 4.0.


                                    Supporting design view for all SDKs in Flash Builder is something we want to re-enable in a future version of the product, there are however architectural changes that we need to make before that can happen.


                                    If you need access to the installer for Flash Builder 4.0, so as to install Flash Builder 4.0 and 4.5 side-by-side, please contact our customer support team.




                                    Andrew Shorten

                                    Group Product Manager, Developer Tools


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                                      Still there is no reply for where to download flash builder 4.0. I lost my DMG file. Is there any way to download Flash builder 4.0 ?

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                                        I managed to scrounge up these links (you need to be logged into your Adobe account for the links to work):




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                                          I'm getting a "forbidden" error for that exe link. Suggestions?

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                                            pablo85 Level 1

                                            Hi Andrew,


                                            Are you still working for Adobe?  I have a need similar to others here.  We have implemented an application using FB4.0 and need to get some more people with FB licenses to support it.  It seems impossible to get the FB4.0 software and if we got it, we would need a way to buy licenses for it.


                                            You mention a side by side with 4.0 and 4.5 which would be ideal (since 4.5 will not support full functionality with the codebase built on the 4.0 SDK) but I have no idea where I would go in customer service to request such a thing.


                                            Could you provide me with a link pointing me in the right direction.



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                                              GoodNewsJim Level 1

                                              I have code base I want to compile that only compiles in 4.0.

                                              Where do I get Flashbuilder 4.0?  I think it is bad form for a company to remove a download link.  It is like selling someone a physical copy of a CD at a brick and mortar store, then breaking into their house and stealing the CD.

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                                                JeffryHouser Level 4

                                                Just use Flash Builder 4.6 (The latest version) and then set up the Flex 4 SDK in the project settings.  You can download the various iterations of the Flex SDK from opensource.adobe.com . 


                                                I'm not sure your anology is correct. 

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                                                  pablo85 Level 1

                                                  Good analogy or bad it is bad form to make it so difficult to get older



                                                  If you want to continue work on that code base and use the design tool of

                                                  flex you'll have to run flash builder 4 otherwise you can just compile with

                                                  the version 4 sdk.


                                                  If you need to get flash builder 4 you can call direct sales and if you

                                                  have a later license I think it is $20 to get v4.