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    Changing the default workspace


      I just installed Flash Builder 4.5 and I was hoping to choose my default workspace from the installer menu. No such luck. Then I changed the config.ini files to update the default workspace (as per http://www.eclipsezone.com/eclipse/forums/t78109.rhtml) - that didn't work. And the tried Preferences > General > Startup & Shutdown > Workspaces, and checked off "Prompt for workspace on startup" which allowed me to successfully update my "default workspace".


      The problem now is when I delete the "Adobe Flash Builder 4.5" folder in my "Documents" folder (I use a mac), it keeps creating new instances the of "Adobe Flash Builder 4.5" whenever I start or exit the program! So if FB doesn't see the folder, it creates a new one on startup and shutdown. Does anyone know how to make it stop?


      This is kind of driving me crazy...any help would be much appreciated!