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    ultimate noob needs help with getting the desired quality on videos i uploade toyoutube


      Hi my name is Sami - i am filming a fun sports project to help people get in shape and get fit and that is all good


      I record my stuff with a Canon Legeria HFS21 and im not a camera wizzard but i know it's good and records in really good hd quality.


      Now when i take the recordings and copy them to my computer the definition is amazing and looks really good and sharp.


      My challenge is that the files are in .mts format so i need to convert them (i use avs video converter 7) to avi before i edit them in adobe premiere elements 9 (i have to do this because there is no audio on the .mts clips when i move them to prmeiere) (is it possible to convert from within adobe premiere??).


      I then convert them in avs video converter 7(and i am unsure if i am using the correct settings:) BTW I WANT TO HAVE THE MOST OPTIMAL FOR UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE!!!


      VIDEO                                   Audio

      video codec:                codec:

      h.264/AVC                   Mp3


      Frame size:                 Sample rate:     Size:

      1280 x 720                   44100 Hz           16 bit


      Bitrate:                        Bitrate:

      4500                            256 kbps


      Frame rate:                  Channels:

      Original                        Stereo

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----


      Then i convert the files and i then press get media in elements and i can now edit in the files and create my video - The quality of the clips still looks sharp and good and i can't spot any difference between the mts and the converted files i use outside of elements and when i am using them in elements, it all looks great.


      Then i am done editing i press share and i uploade to youtube 1920x1080


      Then when i finally see the video on youtube the quality is shady, out of focus, crumsy, blurred you might say and not sharp at all - you can take a look here



      How do i enhance this quality - How do i preserve the "original" quality of the video files??


      I guess that i lose quality when i convert?? Is it possible to convert the files in premiere??


      Is it possible to enhance the quality of the videos that i already have converted and made done??


      Is there a solution


      Please help me - i would really appreciate it because i really want to put a message out there and help people with fitness and people really appreciate clear and sharp films and it really gives the viewer a better experience watching this and i know it would really make a difference -


      And btw. im don't understand computer lingo so please draw it out in carton for me if it's not too much


      Thanks in advance