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    locked out of my CS5.5 project


      EDIT:  I just noticed that when I try to create NEW sequences, many of the available presets are now missing -- including, yes, the DSLR one I based my project on.  I know they aren't in the old demo version, but I have the new month-to-month full version -- in any case they WERE there, then vanished.  Any idea to where or why?  RD


      EDIT 2:  I am uninstalling/reinstalling; will update


      EDIT 3:  Didn't help -- the presets are again missing.  Does the program THINK I'm not a paying customer or that my month-to-month license is expired (it hasn't even been out that long) and so busted me back down to some demo version?  My internet connection works and I gave some agent program permission to use it when PP launched. 


      This is wildly aggravating.


      * * *


      I have been editing a project for weeks now, and made the jump from CS5 to CS5.5 (paid) with no hiccups.


      Today I tried to open the project and got this message:


      "This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type."


      It won't let me open the project or any of its backups; they all used to open just fine; no media has been moved or renamed.


      My audio was made with (paid) DualEyes.  I was bringing in quicktime outputs of FCP sequences (not the xml, a full single-file "export" video.)  But if it's either of these things, why suddenly today?


      It's also aggravating that the entire project won't open, rather than it just not displaying whatever sequences it thinks it's talking about.


      Please help!


      Also hello.



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          evie_harris Level 1

          I had been updating the above message, but those updates disappeared.  The frustrating timeline of today so far:


          1.  My sequence wouldn't open -- no presets error


          2.  I notice that when I create NEW sequences, the DSLR presets are no longer offered.


          3.  I uninstall and reinstall, same issue.  Does it suddenly think I'm not a paid customer and has therefore busted me back down to some trial version?


          4.  I call customer support.  The technician in India suggests I uninstall the old demo version of CS5.  Then he says "give me your number so I can call back if we are disconnected."  I begin to give him my number.  He hangs up before I finish.  I guess the "give me your number" ruse was so I wouldn't guess he hung up on me?


          5.  I uninstall the CS5 trial version


          6.  Now CS5.5 won't open at all -- it says it can't authorize my copy because I'm not connected to the internet (I am, and it is not blocked.)  Argh.


          7.  Uninstall, reinstall.  Now it works. 

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            >  Now it works.


            Does this mean that you don't need any further assistance?

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In the future if you uninstall run Adobe's cleanup script at least once before you try a reinstall.