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    Replace Topics with Linked Word Docx


      I have a project full of .htm topics (about 150). To allow multiple authors, I generated Word .docx and put them on Sharepoint. I created linked Word docs (File, Project Settings, Import tab, Link Option: Create a Copy and Link). I generated a topic from the link and replaced the current topic.


      1. Before I link all of these documents, is there an easier way to replace the current topics with the topics generated from Word docs without having to delete the old topics, fix the links, and update the TOC? ( I noticed the file name for the generated topic is read only)
      2. When I open the project, I get a warning for each linked word doc: The path "\\servername\folder\folder\folder\folder" is too long and will be deleted from the project." The robohelp project resides on my computer (with a backup on the network). I can't change the location of Sharepoint. I can't reduce the characters of the folder names. Is there a workaround to remove the warnings so that I don't have to click ok 150 times when I open the project?


      Thank you,