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    Effects and transitions missing

    bad Timing

      Hello fellow warriors.


      We have 4 almost identical computers with CS5.  Gratefully, very few problems.


      We try to keep all identical as much as possible.  We wanted to put three NewBlue fx plugins in a particular folder that already contained NewBlue plug ins on one of the computers.  To get them in the same file we needed to uninstall all the plugins and then reinstall.


      After we did this premier shows we "have no effects or transitions available.  Save your work.  Premier needs to close."  ???


      I reinstalled premiere, uninstalled NewBlue no help.  I reinstalled CS5 on another drive.  To my shock horror and amazement I still get the "no effects or transitions available.  Save your work.  Premeiere needs to close".


      I must be missing something simple.


      I'm drowning.