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    Premiere Pro CS 5.5  Crashes on Load

    Geronimosan Level 1

      I've had the CS5 Master Suite installed and working just fine for the past year or so, and today compltely uninstalled it all (including searching for all Adobe files/dirs through my hard drive and deleting them). Then installed the new CS5.5 Master Suite - the installation went fine.


      I began opening each of the apps from the suite a few times to ensure they all worked, and all do, except for Premiere Pro 5.5. The first time I opened it, it loaded fine and I was shown the Open Project screen. I close the app, tried to re-open it, and it crashed while it was loading the dependency files.


      From that point on, even after several computer reboots, PP5.5 continues to crash while loading.


      Anyone have any suggestions? Any Adobe tech reps I can troubleshoot with please?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Do you have any VST plug-ins installed?



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Along the lines of Jeff's thinking and question, if you do have VST's (usually either supplied with audio editing software, or added by the user), then look over this ARTICLE for some background.


            Good luck, and please report back,



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              Geronimosan Level 1

              Thank you gents for the responses. After some fiddling last night, I discovered that the nVidia drivers were the cause of the crashes.


              I had the latest GeForce drivers installed (270.61), which caused the crashes. When I downgraded to the last set (I believe 266.xx or 267.xx - I'm at work right now, can't recall), the crashes went away.


              Then I saw someone else's thread about the new 270.73 Quadro drivers, I installed them using the .inf "hack", and again, no more crashes.


              So, once nVidia releases the GeForce drivers equivelent to the Quadro 270.73, everything will be great.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This is the second time in my recent memory, where newer nVidia drivers were problematic. Before, it was due to some extreme gamer 3D modules, that installed wih the default of ON. It took two drivers, before the default was changed to OFF for those modules, and then Adobe programs ran fine. There have been two (consecutive?) drivers, that have caused issues.


                ATI had similar with a fairly recent version of their Catalyst drivers.


                I would anticipate that each company will have new, better drivers soon. ATI has probably already replaced their bum driver, as that was a month, or more, ago.


                Good luck, and thank you for reporting the cause, plus your fix.