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    Crashing whilst deleting index entries


      RoboHelp 9

      Trying to delete unused index entries.

      Open the Index pod and scroll down to items in bold, click the delete icon on toolbar to delete.


      This appears to be the procedure for doing this as advised by Robohelp help files.


      So why does Robohelp keep crashing (Adobe Robohelp has stopped working) after maybe 1 or up to 10 or so deletions?


      Mighty frustrating - have had to reopen Robohelp some 15 times in the last 2 hours!!!!!!!!!

      Mark Hurst

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          Hi Mark,

                Is your project very large - and by any chance are you working on a project kept on a different machine (over a network), If this is the case then you might find other issues too because of the network delay, If this is the case then please work on a local copy of the project on the machine.


          It can also be an indication that you have missing resources or broken links so first do away withe them.


          and a third method but which requires a lot of caution is to delete the unused indexs from the backend with your project closed, For that you need to Right click on the Index in the project manager and choose Explore to open it on the hard drive. then open it using Notepad or any other text editor and delete all the index tags which are empty example


          <item name="eqw">


          but this has to be done very cautiously or you might corrupt the Index XML, and then Save the File and open project.


          but one thing to keep in mind is that if there are consistent crashes with your project only, then something must be wrong (look for missing resources links etc. and fix them)


          Hope this will help



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            Montage9 Level 1

            Hi Ashish

            The project is over 1000 topics big.

            It is located on my local pc and drives.

            There are no broken links in the project.

            I have no linked resources.


            This is the only real problem that I appear to have with Robohelp 9 and has only started happening today when I decided to tidy up the index file.



            Mark Hurst