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    Change font size of an table with javascript




      i am new to developing in javascript as well as to indesign. i have to make a few changes to an existing script. in a user dialouge i get the font size in which the imported table should be. but how can i change the font size of an table???


      please respond as soon as possible. thanks very much in advance.



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          milligramme Level 3


          do you want do like this (rightside) ?

          To apply font to each cell, you must access TextFrame => Table => Cell => any TextObject



          var doc = app.documents[0];
          // two textframes, they have a table (2x2)
          var tf_one = doc.textFrames[0];
          var tf_two = doc.textFrames[1];
          //applied to story
          tf_one.parentStory.appliedFont = "Myriad Pro\tLight";
          tf_one.parentStory.pointSize = 24;
          //not effective against table text
          //applied to text-object of each cells of table
          tf_two.parentStory.tables[0].cells.everyItem().texts[0].appliedFont = "Myriad Pro\tBold";
          tf_two.parentStory.tables[0].cells.everyItem().texts[0].pointSize = 24;




          thank you