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    After Effects color keying




      I have a problem which I can't seem to find a solution for, and I'm not convinced that there is one either.


      Basically I have a dancer shot in front of a green screen. The dancer is wearing clothes that are bright, different contrasting colors. The reason for this is that I want to select the clothing and change the colors of the various parts.


      In the green screen shoot we flattened the lighting to minimise shadowing to make it easier to pick out the color. What that has done is effectively washed out the vibrancy a little bit.


      In after effects the dancer has black make up around her eyes and mouth and a purple top. In the video the black make up seems to have picked up some purple for reasons I don't know (compression? reflection?) and so I have purple pixels on her face as well as on her top.


      Is there a way to separate the purple pixels in the face from those on the clothes? Bearing in mind this will be a 3-4 minute video and not a still image.


      I hope someone out there can help me