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    Help creating browse sequences that work and deleting sync TOC

    AKACB Level 1



      I'm using the latest version of the TCS with RH 9.0. I'm trying to create WebHelp Pro output

      for a book produced originally in Framemaker. I've been following Rick's Skinny on skins

      guide to tailor the look and feel, but am having real problems getting my browse sequence

      to work. I've used Tools> Browse Sequence Editor and then Auto-create using Frame TOC,

      selected the TOC from the drop-down list and chosen 4  as the depth that I want to browse.

      The TOC that appears in Browse sequences  is strange and doesn't represent the Frame TOC that

      appears in the html, I left this 'as is'. Once I've generated the ouput the sequence browsing works

      for the equivalent of top-level heading only. What am I doing wrong and what should I

      be editing to make this fully functional?


      I would also like to delete the Sync TOC from the toolbar, and it seems to be possible to

      delete the image but not the entire field. I know it can be done, because Peter Grainge's

      RH site doesn't have it. Between Peter and Rick I will somehow achieve this website for

      my company...


      Many thanks in advance for any ideas and help.


      Best wishes,